Where’s the Water?

When you find the perfect wedding site nestled up in the hills high above your city, you are taken with the view, the ambiance, the garden  you can imagine what the hanging lights in the trees will look like in your magical romantic outdoor ballroom.

It isn’t until you have already hired the caterer, paid for the site, the photographer, etc. etc, when you are asked by the caterer in a walkthrough meeting at the property, “so where is the water source to rinse dishes or use to make coffee or tea?”

Unless there is an outdoor shower, most properties use grey water for their gardens to conserve water by recycling water and using runoff water when safe to keep the fresh water use down not only because of cost, but to be ecologically aware.

That’s why it is advisable to hold about 5% of your total budget aside for the unexpected.  Sometimes the services will need to bill you for extra water for flower prep or food prep and table side water glasses so everyone will be able to enjoy safe drinking water.

Figure on 16 oz of water for dinner at the table for each guest and another 16 oz. for coffee, tea, or water during cocktail hour and beyond.  That doesn’t count water to cook pasta if needed or water to wash hands in the kitchen. You can count on needing a quart of water per person for the wedding day, beside the other liquid offerings.

Ice for drinks, cooling wine and champagne along with keeping your any food on ice is extra too.

A good way to make sure you don’t forget the details is to make a drawing of the table top and put circles on the paper for each glass, large circles for each plate, and flatware you intend to use on the table tops. Writing the type of liquid you intend to serve, or food for each size of plate, makes sure you haven’t forgotten anything necessary for your guest tables. You can check the diagram identifications with the rental list and check off the items from the list and compare with the drawing.

Some pre planning really makes the difference in the long run!