Sara and Mike, Palm Desert CA

From the summer of ’05 when Sara was smitten when she and Mike spent time together in Tijuana with mutual friends. Soon after they became an item.  Six years later, this amazing couple came together in the bride’s mother’s desert hillside home. They discovered along the way that they both wanted to pursue scientific careers and infused their interest in biochemistry and mechanical engineering in accessories for their wedding day. The escort cards from chemical identification cards, favors in test tubes with a rocket charm, and dry iced enhanced cocktails served out of test tubes all gave special touches to this Summer oasis wedding.

“Your wedding must be planned, but no matter how planned it is, it will still be a day that just happens and it will thrill you. Every bride needs to let go of all anxiety and just know that it will be perfect beforehand, because it really will be”.

Tobey’s to-do lists were so helpful; the bridal books just don’t have the experience and insight for solving difficult planning details.

Sara sent me her words of wisdom recently and I wanted to share her thoughts to future brides and grooms. “Relationships are all as unique as the people that are in them. Because no one approach to love will work for everyone, great relationships are like snowflakes, not equations. And a wedding is no different”!