49% of Brides Would Skype Their Wedding

Gosh, when I started my wedding planning business 25 years ago, the only concern I had in communication was, will my clients have fax machines and cell phones so we can share documents and conversations quickly. Boy have things changed.

For example: Photographers use to be concerned when a guest walked in to a wedding with a SLR camera. These friends with good cameras were a threat to many a photographer before the digital age. They would sometimes get in the way of the shoot, position themselves too close to the photographer and take practically the same angle as the photographer’s shoot. There were many times where I had to gingerly ask a guest to step aside at least 2 feet back and to the side and only shoot after the photographer has shot as to not distract the subject of the shoot and to be respectful to the

In those days, the shoot was everything. Each photographer tried to have a signature style, the pose that was their trademark. Black and White photography was just that. No dialing for color and sepia from an imbedded chip.

Now, within minutes everything about every moment can be captured unless the house of worship or couple forbids any electronic devices to be operating during the ceremony and beyond.

Years ago, it was such a big deal to see the proofs. We all waited in anticipation for the images to be brought to life from the negatives.

As a print making student in college, one of the most exciting moments of creating artwork was seeing the image you created from the metal plate hot off the press. The zinc or copper etched plate was acid washed and varnished to protect the areas to be kept a lighter value and the plate returned to the acid for deeper etching of areas that would eventually print rich tones of grey and black. When the final pull of the press came, with cloth paper that had been soaked and run through the press over the inked metal, your heart beats quickened as the printing press pushed the black or colored inks into every crevice gouged with the fine metal tools and acid wash. You never really knew what you had until that moment of truth when all the ingredients had come together to create a work of art.

Lets hope as the years of the digital age expand, we will remember the impact of our impulse to share the moment with the world and respect the privacy of our friends and families as they join to celebrate the most important and intimate moments of their lives with those most dear to them making sure to get their permission to broadcast any details of the festivities.

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