You’ve been dreaming of the day and every detail, Will you marry me? “Yes”, you replied. And after the excitement of your engagement, the questions begin: When is the “big day”? Have you picked out a dress? Cake? Colors? Even a joyous occasion can be overwhelming when it comes to planning. Enter Tobey Dodge. An expert wedding planner for 20 plus years, The Wedding Connection by Tobey Dodge now offers her experience and insight to the planning process. Starting at $150 an hour, Tobey answers all of your questions – no topic is off limits, from vendors to design ideas, wine to the ever-delicate seating arrangement. Meet with Tobey in person, or set up a chat on Skype, conference call, or have a one-to-one telephone conversation. Make your purchase below. Any questions? Please feel free to send an email to, or call (818) 347-6726.

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Soon you will find out all that you can learn to help make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. So listen up there’s lots to show and tell. Make sure to keep on checking back to read the pearls of wisdom and info for the budget watchers to the high rollers. For some of my clients, it’s not just about stretching their dollars that’s on their minds, but not being wasteful too. Weddings aren’t the most “Green” thing to do in life, but you can make good use of found objects and save some money and make a small dent in carbon dollars etc. Take your beautiful holiday gold and silver round tree ornaments and save them for some centerpieces or festive decor for your wedding. Gather glass cylinder of varying height and widths from your florist (who will recycle them as well) and place them in a row along the back of an escort card table to make an interesting decor border. Fill the empty cylinders with Christmas round bulb like ornaments and toss in smaller beaded chains and to compliment the larger ornaments. You can place an occasional flower blossom like a an orchid inside or between cylinders on the table to give a softening touch. At the end of the event, have your coordinator or florist collect the ornaments and return them to you for safe keeping for next Christmas to be recycled again in a different way.