Hi. I’m Toby.

I believe every bride deserves the best treatment and consideration possible. Creativity, fine service, coupled with experience, great resources, knowledge, and a heavy dose of good humor are the hallmarks of the Wedding Connection by Tobey Dodge.

I strive to live up to the highest level of achievement in all the areas mentioned above. It does come at a price for sure. On my end, an unending search for the best services at the best prices, prompt attention to details and follow up information to make the planning process and wedding day run as smoothly as possible for my clients, is my mission. Taking the time to meet with my assistants for the wedding day ahead of the wedding to make sure we are all on the same page for the event day while ironing out any last minute changes and additions to the schedule of events is my way of insuring that the logistics and details will be handled swiftly and accurately. I don’t like just handing a pile of papers to my assistants on the wedding day. They need to feel like a part of the team and knowledgeable about the clients and what priorities need to be addressed to meet everyone’s expectations for a fun filled and successful wedding day.

It’s hard to put a price on security and peace of mind. There are so many options in a wedding to cover and lets face it most of our budgets don’t go as far as we would like them to go today. After interviewing with several hundred couples for almost 25 years, what they really remember most when attending other functions and their own wedding day, is the way they felt during the wedding day, the way they were treated, and how situations which came up from time to time were handled with grace, understanding and patience. The photos help you remember who was there and how the flowers and decor looked, but no food or drink can take the place of the flow of the evening and the fun you will be remembering enjoying the company of your families and friends. I think we can all agree that there is no substitute for knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome.

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